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The Regional Environmental Reconstruction Program for South Eastern Europe



With this article I hope to explain which large, international donor initiatives exist for the countries of South East Europe. The environmental components are discussed and I provide as much contact information as possible so that everyone can find more about the money flows through internet and contacting officials.

Stability Pact

Many people have heard about the so-called Stability Pact for South Eastern Europe. The Stability Pact wants to support:
o The development of democratic political processes
o Strengthening intra-regional political and economic co-operation
o Building a multi-ethnic society
o A sound market economy

In fact the Stability Pact consists of a large amount of money to be made available for the countries of South Eastern Europe. The money is to be divided over three topics, the so called Working Tables:
o Working Table 1: Democratisation and human rights
o Working Table 2: Economic reconstruction, development and co-operation
o Working Table 3: Security issues

The total amount of funding under the Stability Pact is not clear, nor is it clear how the money will be divided and in what timeframe. Another major question is whether the funds are grants or loans for the countries. It is clear that Working Table 2 is the largest of the three, about 80% of the funding is supposed to go there. This Working Table includes also all investments in infrastructure for the whole region. The Stability Pact targets all countries of South Eastern Europe, although active involvement of Yugoslavia is not accepted by the stability pact as long as the current political regime is in power. For Montenegro there are limited possibilities for support funding, and the situation for Kosovo is not completely clarified, at least not for the Stability Pact as a whole.

Environmental projects

As you can see environmental issues were not defined for funding under the Stability Pact, which is the main reason that REC, in co-operation with the Ministers of Environment of the South East European countries decided to launch an initiative to include environmental projects under a separate financing program. This initiative grew into the Regional Environmental Reconstruction Program for South Eastern Europe, or REReP. In March 2000 the Stability Pact leaders accepted REReP as a branch under the Pact, and in July 2000 the first Task Force meeting of REReP was held in Cavtat, Croatia. The Task Force for REReP is the steering group of the fund and consists of donors, such as the European Commission, the Netherlands, Italy, Germany, USA, Norway and others together with the Ministers of Environment of the South East European countries. In practice this means Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, FYR Macedonia and Romania. Non-governmental NGOs are represented with 5 people, who are elected by a network of Balkan NGOs. The NGOs have decided to come together and participate actively in REReP during the Balkan NGO meeting in Struga at the end of June 2000. A very important moment at the first REReP Task Force was the official inclusion of Kosovo for the REReP funding opportunities.

Kosovo and REReP

Since July 2000 it is guaranteed that project proposals from Kosovo are welcome under REReP. The REC Headquarters is the secretariat for the whole REReP. In order to facilitate submission of project concepts and full project proposals REC has developed standard forms and guidelines. The bodies that can submit project concepts and project proposals have to be governmental, or at least co-operating with governmental organisations. For Kosovo the UNMIK Department of Environment is to be contacted for development of project concepts and proposals. The REC Field Office plays an assisting role upon suggestion of UNMIK.

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